How to solve the biggest problem with Mobile Marketing?

To know the biggest problem with mobile marketing, we will first need to know what mobile marketing really is. In layman terms, mobile marketing is a form of promotional scheme such as advertisement, promo messages, etc. which are done on mobile devices. It is perhaps the most promising and widespread means of marketing, and with the advent of smartphones it has a stronger potential to skyrocket and grow.

While eager eyeballs stare at their screen waiting for their app or website to load, advertisers flash their ads and messages on the screen for the viewers to soak up. Not only this, marketing calls are also done in some countries to popularize certain products. This then brings us to the biggest issue that mobile marketing presents, which is the privacy of the customers.

Mobile Marketing


Some mobile carriers automatically enter their customers into an advertising scheme, where they pester them with regular promotional phone calls. This undermines the trust customers have in the companies. What major corporations don’t realize is that a customer’s trust is the biggest asset they can possibly have. And when that is compromised, it can easily drive the company into the ground. Mobile apps also employ clever strategies to earn money using mobile marketing.

They offer crediting schemes in their apps, and customers can watch videos or download other apps to earn some points. While these schemes may look lucrative at first to the customer, these apps also have the ability to take the customers’ personal information and target special advertisements specifically tailored towards them. The insidious nature of such customer information databases is not apparent at first.

However, when customers start getting messages from companies that they didn’t subscribe to, things will start getting out of hand. People like knowing that their information is secure, and when they find out that it isn’t, they bail.

Companies and mobile marketers need to be more sensitive to customers’ information. They need to understand that their data points are more than that; they are actually dealing with human lives. You can’t sell information that is personal to people to governments and other companies.

Obviously this problem can’t be solved overnight. Ethics and morale are not something that can be enforced. However, the customers can also bring about the much required change. They need to be more privy of the apps and websites they sign up to. The marketers need to give up their lust for money and start thinking about their customers; otherwise, mobile marketing will lose everything that made it worth its salt.


What is Mobile Marketing and Why Does it Matter?


Mobile devices are taking over desktops and laptops and their number is abruptly rising making mobile marketing a trend. Everyone spends time ─ a lot of time ─ on the web to do researches or socialize. Every time you look around you often see people browsing through their smart phones or tablets. It has turn into a habit or sometimes a few would say a necessity.

Mobile marketing has also turned into a trend because of the rise in mobile devices. Basically, mobile marketing differs from the conventional marketing in such a way that you need to fit everything in the screen of a mobile device.

Mobile screen

The screen size varies so your site must look good in whatever mobile device. The icons, graphics and text must look clear enough. The important icons should be easily accessible. And most of all, it should load very quickly because mobile users tend to have little time to spare and are usually using mobile data connection.


With these mobile devices, it’s possible to target the location of your audience. This new feature allows you to grab your chance to market someone who is near your location. Restaurants and shopping sites take advantage of this feature to give deals to shoppers in a certain area.

SMS alerts

Go ahead and send out an SMS blast after collecting all those numbers on your website. Promotional offers sent through SMS are still appreciated by mobile users.

Social networking sites

Every social networking site now has a mobile app. You might as well practice social media marketing to get the attention of your target market that has mobile devices.

Make your own app

Why not make your own app? This depends on the kind of business you are running and can be great for shopping sites or food delivery. Make sure that it’s easy to use and won’t consume a lot of memory when downloaded. Are you into Online Marketing business? Maybe you can have an app where you have your online services directories per place or type of customers you like. You can even search directly the services like buy youtube views for example, that would be a very good app for your business.